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Lifestyle with Flexible Nutrition Coaching

About Us

Small Town Sisters

Hey friends! It’s Taylor and Morgan here. We are small town Iowa sisters, helping individuals achieve their health and nutrition goals during any chapter in their lives. Our goal is to educate and provide tools on how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle with a flexible nutrition approach. We educate on how to incorporate favorite foods, while still staying on track and seeing results.


Remove the Guilt

Our goal is to help you be informed and give you a solid foundation of nutrition so you can set goals and create progress that you can sustain for a lifetime, not just a quick fix! Flexible dieting and macronutrient based nutrition ensures that you are making sustainable changes that align with your current lifestyle. We coach and provide guidance every step of the way!

Nutrition Coaching

We’ll help you track your macros, provide guides for restaurants, alcohol and travel, and be there for regular check-ins to help you with accountability.

Meal Planning

We’ll personalize plans specific to your nutritional needs and the foods you love.

Fitness Coaching

We’ll create a fitness program with workouts to complement your flexible nutrition plans.

The Results

Goal Crushers!

Are you ready?

Ready to see results? Start your path to flexible, sustainable, personalized nutrition – let’s talk about your goals, work in your favorite foods, and build a flexible plan that fits you right where you’re at.