I am not your typical dietitian. Or maybe how you think a dietitian “should” be. Most (not all of course) of my peers went to the gym at least once if not twice a day, dressed their best for each class and would make announcements such as “I would never put my food in a microwave.” I did not fit into that stereotypical “type A” dietitian persona, let’s be clear too, nor did I want to. At the time, I rarely made it to the gym, wore sweatpants everyday and definitely wore out my microwave, indulging in frozen meals or whatever Aldi had on sale for the week.  

I chose the dietetic field simply because I love all food and the human body has always been fascinating to me.  I’ve always had the desire to truly help someone improve their health… without the use of medicine. These are good enough reasons to go into the health and nutrition field, right? 

Moving forward to my first job as a dietitian at a local grocery store. What an experience, I really was grateful for the opportunity. However, I was a glorified meal prep organizer and online shopper at a supermarket.  I say that lightly with a smile on my face, I truly enjoyed my time – But I knew I had knowledge to share and felt like I wasn’t helping people with their health goals like I wanted! 

I’m a work in progress and so is my eating. My intake has evolved from frozen meals, to learning how to balance my meals with lean protein, veggies and complex carbs with the occasional BBOPS or foods that I enjoy. I’m not a perfect eater and I will never claim to be, but I’ve learned what has worked best for ME. Flexible nutrition – has 100% changed my all or nothing mindset. 

This goes to show that No ONE is immune to struggling. Not even the experts. 

Flexible nutrition. Sound familiar? 

A short summation of flexible nutrition is learning how to balance your plate while still eating the foods that you love and enjoy that fit into your macronutrient goals. Macronutrient or “Macros” are what your body needs in order to function properly consisting of protein, carbohydrates and fat.  

Eating shouldn’t be full of restrictions, certain timelines on when you can eat, or cutting out any food group. It should be learning how to fuel your body with essential nutrients while still eating all foods, especially those that you love. 

Like potatoes? Enjoy!

Steak? You betchya!

Donuts? My Friday favorite!  

Get past diet culture, remove the guilt and say YES to finding what works best for YOU!  

Through our personalized nutrition coaching, you will make sustainable changes that align with your current lifestyle through our flexible, macronutrient-based approach to nutrition. We’ll arm you with a solid nutrition foundation that will help you set goals and create progress you can sustain for a lifetime – not just a quick fix – and provide guidance every step of the way! Click here to “Get Started”.

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