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Macro Friendly Christmas Recipes

3 Recipes that you can make or take to any holiday gathering! CHRISTMAS JELLO PREP TIME:  3 min; Chill 3 hours; Makes 8 svgs. Ingredients  1 box sugar free strawberry
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Consistency Over TIME = Habit & Lifestyle Change

My weight loss journey began back in the winter of 2013. I stopped getting on the scale once I saw 199 pounds on my 5’3” frame. I was in my
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Valentine’s Day Cocktails + Alcohol into your Macros

Whether it’s after a long day or week of work, a birthday party or a holiday celebration alcoholic beverages can be involved. A popular question I get quite frequently is,
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3 Macro Friendly Holiday Desserts

Dessert is by far the #1 dish we look forward to on the holidays. Below are a few macro friendly options that would be fantastic to take to a holiday
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